Frequently Ask Questions


Bird: A electric scooter

Nest: Where you can find a collection of Birds, and release your charged Birds

Wild: When a Bird is out in the world waiting to be ridden or charged

Charger: Can refer to either a Map View in the App or a person who Charges Birds

Rider: Can apply to either a Map View in the App or when you are merely riding a Bird

Charging: When a Bird is receiving electricity

QR Code: The black&white symbol found in the center of the handlebars

Lost Bird: A bird that is not located where it shows on the map

Hoarders: Chargers that have non captured birds that are available for charge (hoarders are reported and banned from charging)

Bounty: The amount of money that will be paid for charging.


How do capture a bird?

Scan you charger map every 15-20 min. to see what birds are available to pick-up. Do not grab any birds that are not on your map, these birds are either for riders or are set to be picked up by a mechanic. Also, moving a bird before it is captured will result in being blocked from capturing that bird. Once you have found a chargeable bird scan the QR code or enter the code manually. Connection issues do occur and can sometime take a minuet. You can also select more options to view detail map, set off the alarm, unlock, capture, & report any issues. Once bird unlocks it will chirp and will now show in your your task.

How do I release a charged bird?

You can reserve a Nest for 30 minutes; this should be the first thing you do when you wake up. Make sure to update all your birds so ensure battery levels are all at 100%. When you book a Nest, you reserve all the spots usually it’s 3 or 4 a Nest. Take some time to get to know the nests around you, they have photos on the app. Once you have your birds lined up in the nest, select more options then release button (make sure all birds are turned on before you open the nest). Scan each bird into the system and snap a photo of the nesting birds. Each bird will chip to indicate it has been released to the wild.